Cosmic Lens Jewellery was founded by Kaja Pernach, who specialises in making hair and ashes keepsakes for you and your loved ones. Starting off by designing ornaments through incorporating real flowers and plants in 2015, Kaja decided to convert the business into a memorial based jewellery venture in 2017.

Cosmic Lens Jewellery is inspired from Kaja Pernach’s childhood love for creating handy crafts, especially adornments and mementos. Our pieces create great value for people who have lost their cherished ones, people who acquire a special offering in order to keep hold of the memories. In addition, our adornments enhance beauty and grace when worn. They could also be used as a symbol of gratitude or as a gift.

Our wide range of memorial jewellery is unisex. It includes rings, charms, pendants and bracelets. Kaja Pernach aims at forming distinctive designs for you to cherish or pass down to your loved ones. She fuses various natural materials, resins and sterling silver to produce extraordinary beautiful ornaments, meant to be worn with love and pride.

Our products are all beautifully handcrafted to very high standards with love and care. We strive to deliver superior value to our customers by keeping customer service our top most priority. We make sure all our customers’ distinctive requirements are met followed by relentless efforts made to keep them satisfied. 

The entire range of our keepsakes made with ashes and hair can be viewed on our official website. All our ornaments including bracelets, pendants, rings and charms are made with ashes or hair secured safely inside. We use a revolutionary polymer mix which keeps your loved ones’ ashes safe permanently, unlike glass which can smash or crack. When compared with cremation diamond jewellery, our ash and hair keepsakes are very affordable and stylish. 

By offering a broad range of memorials we proudly aim to embrace traditional diversity and make every piece that we create innovative and unique. We work with sheer dedication and commitment to honour our clients’ needs specifically. 

Our aim is not only to create uniquely styled accessories which will add elegance to your attire but it is also to create a cherished remembrance made out of vibrant colours, exquisite materials and quality substance which you can keep close to yourself forever.

With devoted customer service and sheer dedication we promise to warm your heart by offering jewellery which shall be an eternal reminder of the love you share.